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Introducing our Tech Team – Martyn Price, Support Developer

Introducing our Tech Team - Martyn Price, Support Developer

Dev series - Martyn Price


Introducing Martyn Price who is a support developer at Software Solved.

Tell me about the projects you’re working on and how you demonstrate your expertise


“I am currently working across all our contracted support clients, doing maintenance tasks and new projects for them to deliver more value to their user bases.  Ultimately we are working to deliver the new evolving needs of our clients to ensure their systems continue to meet their user demands. A current example of this is a client who has a new office they are opening in a different part of the world. There are several challenges which are presented. Luckily, we have managed to maintain a solid base on which to build. Now we are working on delivering this new office which will be a sort of outpost, not a full version of their system so they can use it. This will provide enough to achieve what the new office needs and can grow with them.”


What are the current development challenges you are addressing?



“I am always a sucker for something which makes you actually sit back and really get into the nitty-gritty and think, I love a good challenge. In this instance, we could have spooled up a copy of their existing system and delivered that, labelled for the new office. That wouldn’t meet the client’s requirements because of the way they are developing and growing their business. They are being selective with which parts they actually want and which parts they don’t. This creates a challenge because we don’t want to create an entirely new system, with a new deployment and a new set of code. Instead, we want to be able to maintain one version of their codebase.

Further to this, we have another client who is looking at a wide range of licensing changes later this year. As a result, they are posing some interesting challenges around how we can enforce compliance with these new licenses from their user base. Things like two-factor authentication and ensuring multiple people are not using the same account, while both of these immediately sound like they have the same solution. The reality has been that with the rise of password managers and sharing of codes, they are separate challenges and in looking at how we solve those challenges we have generated some in-depth conversations with the client. This is on how they want to structure their new licenses with ideas and options, which may not have been immediately apparent but which change the user experience in a positive way.”


What programming language(s) do you work in/are skilled in?


“I primarily work in .NET and JavaScript, however, I have worked previously in Java. I focus today on enterprise-level applications. I have worked all over the spectrum of IT over the years, including systems administration, cyber security and the Industrial Internet of Things. I am always bringing new ideas to the table, crafted from the range of disciplines I have worked with.”

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