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Written on 24th August 2023 - 2 minutes

Introducing our Tech Team – Matt Bell, Developer

Introducing our Tech Team - Matt Bell, Developer

Matt Bell

Introducing Matt Bell, one of our developers at Software Solved.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computing and Games Development from the University of Plymouth in 2019 and have been working as a commercial software developer for the past four years. I specialise in full-stack development using .NET, and have worked on a range of projects such as websites, cloud-hosted applications, and background Windows services.

I started working at Software Solved in early 2021 after I was looking for a smaller, software-focused company that used a more varied and current tech stack that would allow me to gain the skills and knowledge required to progress in my career as a developer. Since joining, I’ve used a wide range of technologies and have begun to dive deeper into each using designated professional development time, which I then look to implement where applicable in my day-to-day.

Outside of work, I spend my time with family and friends, walking on Dartmoor and along beaches. I enjoy swimming, cycling, gaming and watching F1.

Give us a brief overview of a project you’re working on.


I’m currently working with a metal trading company to create a desktop application that will allow their dealers to easily set up and manage the trading of various commodities. The UI is built using WPF and the backend uses .NET Core. Users can enter new orders for a given commodity to be filled on a certain date and manage these orders through the Order List screen.

Here they can get the order verified by the required dealers, make any necessary edits, cancel, clone, or manually fill the order immediately. As requirements get more specific, we are making recommendations and proposing alternative solutions to try and give the user the smoothest experience possible when they come to use the new features.


What was your favourite project, and how did you approach it?


My favourite project was working on an application that intercepted messages from Point-of-Sale machines to extend their functionality and allow for the use of various coupons. It had an interesting tech stack utilising Azure to host the backend which allowed us to introduce discrete custom features through the use of Function and Logic Apps.

We created multiple endpoints for the different clients that would be using this app to keep their data separate and secure and were able to configure the application to provide certain client-specific features. I gained a lot of valuable experience in cloud computing working on this project and am keen to learn more.


What programming language(s) do you work in/are skilled in?


I mostly work in C#, but also have good experience in MS SQL, front-end languages like HTML, JavaScript and the commonly associated libraries, as well as frameworks like Angular.

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