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Introducing our Tech Team – Theo Woodward

Theo Woodward


Introducing Theo Woodward, one of our developers at Software Solved.


I studied BSc (Hons) Computer Science at the University of Plymouth, graduating in 2020 with a first-class honour’s degree, and a certificate of industrial experience for my placement year in industry. Since then, I have worked in the industry, doing full-stack development on several interesting projects across multiple companies.  

I moved to Software Solved a couple of years ago, as I was looking for something where I was given more autonomy and creative freedom, which is a benefit sometimes of working at a smaller company.  

 During my time here I’ve done interesting work on the front end of a responsive single-page web application, as well as diving deep into databases and backend C# development on a metals trading application.  

During my free time, I enjoy doing DIY, seeing friends and family, and indoor bouldering. 


Give us a brief overview of a project you’re working on.



I’m currently working with a client who needs features adding to a C# WPF based metals trading application. Solution development is split into manageable tickets by our BAs, and I have a standard way of developing tickets I work on. Firstly, I think of the solution I will use to solve the ticket I am assigned, sometimes using pen and paper to visualise the architecture of the solution I envision. Then, once I am confident in this, I find where the changes need to be made, and get a rough solution working. Once this is done, I’ll do a round of dev testing, to test that both all acceptance criteria of the ticket I’ve been given are met, and that no other areas have been impacted by the changes I’ve made.

Once this is done, I’ll go over the code I’ve written and refactor it, making it adhere better to clean code standards and guidelines, and making it more concise and readable. After this, I’ll retest everything, and submit my changes for review. Developing in this way maintains a standard of quality.


What was your favourite project, and how did you approach it?


My favourite project I have worked on has been developing a responsive single-page web application for an insurance company. A JavaScript framework, SQL database, and C# backend to connect it together was the basic architecture. My favourite aspects of this project were getting to work with modern responsive web app development and becoming an expert in the domain-specific business logic of this project.


What programming language(s) do you work in/are skilled in?


I mostly work in C#, WPF, and SQL day to day on my current project. I’ve used some of these since my days at university, and on many projects since then. Once the basics were learnt, I’ve also studied clean code principles and practices, and enjoy writing clean functions of single responsibility and then stitching them together into well-architected solutions.

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