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Written on 4th March 2021 - 4 minutes

Introducing two new members to the Project Management team

introducing two new members to the PM team blog cover

We have recently welcomed new faces to Software Solved, including two members who have joined the Project Management team a Senior and a Junior Project Manager. We asked them about their experience of working with us for the past month, including what they have started working on and the areas of expertise this involves.

Jane Carnell – Junior Project Manager

Jane Carnell, Junior Project Manager

It’s been one month since I joined Software Solved and the team have been so welcoming and supportive. The time has just flown by, mostly because there is so much to learn about the varied client base. I have been getting to know one of our clients, PenCarrie and the work that Software Solved has been doing to drive their warehouse dispatch operation. It’s complex, demanding and yet very rewarding to know that it is WORKING in the live environment. Great effort by Software Solved team!

I have been involved with another client and have been thoroughly impressed with the progress that our team has been making working through a long backlog list while building strong relationships with the clients’ team. I believe that open communication is crucial for any successful delivery, and I hope that I can contribute so that we can continue that trend.

I feel that I’m starting to blend into this ecosystem of Software Solved, where each member plays an important role and brings different skills and perspectives to make it an interesting, fun and cool company to be a part of.

It was also a lucky coincidence for me to join the company on the same date as another new starter – the lovely Paul Bridel. It’s nice to have a partner in this process. I would also like to thank Jodie Cann for her patience and knowledge that she is ever so gently sharing with us, despite her numerous project commitments she always has time to catch up or point me in the right direction.

Paul Bridel – Senior Project Manager

Paul Bridel, Senior Project Manager

My journey with Software Solved began this January, around the middle of the month. I joined as Senior Project Manager and was really looking forward to starting the role – I’d heard nothing but positive feedback both in terms of their services and as an employer. Pretty much from the get-go, that feedback was fully validated. The welcome I received was wonderful, with people going out of their way to say hello and welcome me to the team. Meeting invitations were sent to me from members of the leadership team, including the MD, to welcome me to the company and to explain the function and operation of their business units. The overall induction process was very slick.  Because we’re a remote-first company, a colleague took the trouble to hand-deliver some company goodies to my home, which was a nice touch. Everyone I’ve spoken to has had the same message: ‘we’re here to help each other out’, and ‘welcome to the team’. In just over one month, actions have continued to speak as loudly as words.

As Senior PM I have inherited a small team and it’s great to be able to say that we’ve very quickly built a good rapport and I have complete confidence in the team. We have a busy portfolio of projects but we’re supportive of each other and able to fill in for each other’s absences such as booked holiday and I’m proud of the contribution we make as a team, both to Software Solved and to our clients.

Several things have stood out for me. Employee engagement and wellbeing are high on the agenda and MS Teams, as a mainstay of our remote-first operation, is strongly leveraged not just for meetings and chat but through the many and multiple MS Teams channels promoting team and company activities, social events, things just to bring a smile, and a ‘check-in’ channel – the set-up has been well thought out and really helps to build connections across our remote working community, and provides ample opportunity to stay in touch and connect.

There are also regular company-wide meetings including an ‘All Hands’, and company stand-ups which, as well as opportunities to stay in touch, are very open and the leadership team share what is going on.  All of this helps to build a very open, supportive culture where it’s easy to stay in touch when working remotely and feeling part of the team.  My experience is that Software Solved value their people very much and do more than most to encourage a strong community and positive culture.

My background is in Project Management, having been a Project Manager for about 18 years, but before that, I was in technical roles including as a ‘C’ Developer (many years ago), IT user support, server build and support and database administrator.  I worked in service management before moving into project management. My first job was with a small software house, and since then I’ve worked for an enormous corporate, for over 20 years, as well as a smaller privately held company before joining Software Solved.  I’ve experienced a range of company types and cultures, but none has delivered on the ‘people’ side of working to the extent that Software Solved does.

I’m already finding myself incredibly busy, having picked up the relationship with a key client amongst many other responsibilities – but I’m relishing being an integral part of Software Solved and I know I’ve already got a supportive network around me.  It’s also very special to me that my personal beliefs around, and approach to, leadership and putting people first seem to dovetail very well with the company culture.

As a new joiner, I’ve been really impressed with the professionalism, culture and ethics of the company, so I can recommend Software Solved as an employer, as well as to anyone out there considering our services – check out our website to find out more on both fronts.

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