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Is Business Intelligence synonymous with Artificial Intelligence? 

Is Business Intelligence synonymous with Artificial Intelligence

With the current hype around AI functionalities, how far-reaching they are, how amazing/insightful/intrusive/terrifying people find them, it’s worth remembering that we’ve been using AI for many years in different guises, often without realising that it is AI powering the system. 

For example: 

  • Google Lens 
  • Alexa/Google Assistant 
  • Amazon product recommendations 
  • Chatbots for customer service 
  • Dynamic pricing 
  • Checkout free shops 
  • Face ID 


“Business Intelligence (BI)”; the process of collecting, analysing and presenting data to support business decision making was traditionally performed without the assistance of any AI tool. But as the field has developed, the use of AI has become intrinsic and has made an impact in its evolution. 

Some companies are still manually collecting, analysing and reporting using databases and spreadsheets. A thankless, time-consuming task but one that many businesses/people are loath to move away from, with either costs or resistance to change being the key factor.   

 Looking at Microsoft’s Power BI offering, there’s a host of AI tools and functions that have been incorporated in the past decade to help us gather insights quicker and make improved decisions based on better analysis.  

 Quick insights help users identify patterns and trends in their data. Visualisations and reports can be generated without having to create graphs and charts. 

 AI-powered visuals enable users to create sophisticated data visualisations without having to do any coding.  

 Natural language querying lets users ask questions using everyday conversational English rather than having to ask questions in a special format or using syntax. 

 Automated ML enables users to build machine learning models without needing to understand algorithms.  

SwS Elevate

AI’s capabilities have been designed to augment traditional BI tools making it easier and faster to gain insights from complex data sets, there’s no AI knowledge or requirement needed to be able to use Power BI’s tools, users can benefit from the tools without even knowing that AI is at the heart of what they are working with. With the features that Power BI offers, users can leverage the power of machine learning and AI to gain insights and make data-driven decisions. 

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