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Written on 3rd August 2022 - 3 minutes

Is your legacy system holding you back within the manufacturing industry? 

Is your legacy system holding you back within the manufacturing industry - blog cover

Are you holding onto a system that no longer fits your business requirements? You’re not alone. According to an independent survey of 1,030 UK-based industrial businesses by Surveygoo *73% of industrial businesses are relying on legacy systems and spreadsheets to get tasks done. As the tech world takes over all industries, including manufacturing and the increase in automation, it is important to consider everything a business offers and when is the best time to invest in giving your legacy system much-needed attention or implementing a new digital system to speed up processes and become as profitable as possible. 

Manufacturing SMBs are often using outdated legacy systems; this can impact financially and highlight security compromises and concerns as well as operational barriers if the legacy system is not updated. Deciding what route to take is not an easy option, manufacturing companies have to consider how to deliver in the now and how to operate in the future to meet their customer’s needs whilst planning future requirements including migrations and upgraded integrations. 

Questions to ask if you have a legacy system:

  • Do we have sufficient support still in existence for the system? 
  • Is the cost of running and maintaining sustainable long-term? 
  • Does it provide us with the responsiveness and speed required for our service? 
  • Can the system be integrated with updated technology which will give us the desired improvement to the business? 
  • Are there better options in the world of digital advancement that can replace the legacy system? 

There are several benefits to looking after your legacy system and avoiding a rip-out and replace approach: 

  • It saves budget – instead of changing everything which is a time-consuming and expensive task you only spend what your budget is to make the legacy system operational.  
  • Conducting a small test will help convince others in the team – a systems health check is a great start to test the overall system health. 
  • It’s quicker to achieve – it’s a lot quicker to review a current system and plan what needs to be actioned now and in the future.  

Depending on the age of the system you’re using it could be a total rip-out replacement or it could be adopting a modular approach which is phased out gradually in new software implemented in stages.  It is important to consider cost-effectiveness and choose the best option for your business that fits with your business goals. You will then be able to pick the best option which will be less disruptive or avoid stifling any business growth. 

You can break down the best way to modernise your system by implementing a digital transformation road map in just three simple steps: assessing your current situation with your system looking at every element, considering a digital solution and looking at how this can improve your system, and finally creating a strategy and how you’re going to implement it.  

When it comes to changing your legacy system, at Software Solved we use an agile methodology which can be a great option for manufacturers, this framework focuses on individual solutions with ongoing improvement. This will give you the ultimate flexibility and make the project more achievable in the long run. It is crucial to recognise the importance of following updates and looking for implementing a better system that can help stop you from being held back in a growing data-driven world. 

How we have helped redevelop a system, so it was fit for purpose:  

Guideline - Lift Services Limited

Guideline Lift Services 

We redeveloped the Microsoft .NET application for Google Android mobile devices. In doing so, we retained all of the usability and functionality that the engineers were used to, whilst significantly improving productivity through enhanced integration. Engineers can now synchronise job information quickly and reliably. Mobile development resulted in improved productivity by 50%. We have been working with them in a support capacity, creating a roadmap for short, medium and long-term fixes. 

Don’t let your legacy system drag you down and create barriers for your business. talk to us today about the right tools and strategies available to enhance your systems. 


This research was conducted by Surveygoo among 1,030 industrial businesses that include senior decision-makers, managers, supervisors, frontline, IT and administration staff from the manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, civil engineering, rail and transport and logistics sectors, between 28 February and 3 March 2022. 

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