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Mobile overtakes desktop – are you prepared?

How many times do you check your mobile device in a day? Whether you’re accessing emails, text messages, your organisation’s CRM, social media, the camera or something else, it quickly adds up. In fact it adds up so much that on average it is expected here in the UK we check our mobile device 50 times a day.

What’s more this increased use of mobile devices has increased so much that for the first time ever in October 2016 mobile and tablets using the internet overtook desktop worldwide, it may only be marginally in terms of percentage difference but it without question marks a shift that has been building for some time.

With this shifting usage in mind the big question is – are your customer and/or staff facing systems prepared for mobile and tablet?

The reality is that if your organisation is not prepared or quickly getting prepared to be mobile friendly there will likely be a competitor or two that will be.

Consider this – when you access a site via a mobile device to make a booking, check a balance, look up some details, get a quote or something else what do you do if it is hard to use, slow and anything but intuitive? Likelihood is you look elsewhere.

Ensuring your systems provide the best user experience regardless of the device your visitors or staff are using to access it is a key component of retaining a competitive edge and a great customer experience.

Key components for making your systems mobile friendly

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