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Our Pledge of Commitment to Diversity

Charlotte Rook - Tech Talent

We are delighted to announce that we have joined the Tech Talent Charter (TTC) as part of its work to proactively promote diversity within Tech. Charlotte Rook, our HR Manager explains the importance of diversity and what it means to Software Solved.

At Software Solved we are passionate and committed to inclusivity and diversity; one of our key values is inclusive. We celebrate difference, value people, and the power, possibilities, and fun of working together. We know that by having people from different backgrounds and experiences we make better decisions, are more creative and innovative, are successful problem solvers and ultimately are happier at work.

For us, it is not just about having a diversity statistic we want to hit, it is about recruiting people free from expectation and assumptions. Simply providing job opportunities based on skills and potential. Hiring a diverse workforce, whilst part of our equality, diversity, and inclusivity strategy, is not enough. At Software Solved we promote a culture and environment where employees feel free to express themselves. Our Key Account Manager, Faisal Ahmed recently stated: “I’ve come from big companies where you are put through a rigorous training process designed to create the ‘model’ employee in their eyes. This is the first company I’ve worked at where you are encouraged to be yourself and that’s what makes Software Solved so unique.”

Our Digital Marketing Manager, Rose Elliott has recently written a blog about our culture at Software Solved and said: “Creating a diverse workforce is key to a happy, workplace that delivers. It’s those small differences and similarities that provide an interesting and stimulating array of fresh ideas and prevents stagnation. We’ve a diverse workforce in terms of age range, sexuality and backgrounds, a team who embrace change and diversity and see it as a force for good.”

What do we do?

We actively look for ways to increase diversity in our talent pool. We know certain groups of people are under-represented in tech. For instance, the latest Tech Talent Charter report in 2020 found only 25% of technical roles were occupied by women. We believe an awareness and appreciation for difference starts in early education, which is why we are involved in programmes such as STEM Ambassador and Inspiring Girls. These programmes also provide an opportunity to make young people aware of all the amazing career options we have in the tech sector.

Why the TTC?

Our Managing Director, Lindsay Lucas added: “For Software Solved, signing the charter is about sharing our passion and commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Inclusivity is a natural part of our organisation and one of our key values. Alongside hundreds of other organisations, we can focus on addressing inequality in the technology sector by encouraging young people into STEMM and providing employment opportunities based on skills and potential.”

The TTC is a non-profit organisation leading the movement to address inequality in the UK tech sector. It allows collaboration between hundreds of organisations all focused on addressing inequality and jointly inspiring the younger generation. We can share best practice and ideas through the playbook, benchmark ourselves against other companies and contribute to the annual diversity in tech report.

For more information on the Tech Talent Charter (TTC), please visit their website here:

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