Written on 10th November 2016 - < 1 minute

Responsive Reporting – How Power BI and SQL Server create interactive reports from your business data

You have collected all the raw data for your business’ data analytics so, how do you manage this data effectively and present it visually with ease?

In our latest demo, we show how simple it is to create data visualisation using Power BI and SQL reporting tools and, how to apply them on an array of devices.

During this demo we will show how to:

  • Create mobile reports with SQL Server – using drag and drop functions to create visual elements including values, charts and data grids and how to apply these reports to be readable on various devices.
  • Dashboards and reports with Power BI – using both a web and desktop application to create dashboards and reports from raw data sources.
  • Utilising Mobile reports to view dashboards on tablets – How to navigate and download dashboards and working with cached data.
  • Viewing a dashboard using Power BI on and tablets – how to navigate and analyse data in the Power BI application on tablets.

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