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See the bigger picture with the power of data visualisation

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According to *Finances Online, it is predicted that 463 zettabytes (ZB) of data will be created every day by 2025. With the amount of data continuing to grow, it can cause a problem sifting through and organising it to understand what story is there to be shared about your business. Often individuals feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of information available, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. Similar to when you open a puzzle box and arrange all the pieces, initially it seems impossible to put together, but once all the pieces match up and fit in place, it creates that perfect picture.  You can appreciate the masterpiece you have created and this is just like bringing together a data dashboard. Having data presented more graphically makes it easier for decisions to be made, trends to be spotted, and any patterns to be seen to enable you to make informed business decisions.

Traditionally this used to be maps and charts, but today data visualisation has moved on so much more in helping to present data visually using dashboards which include interactive graphs, infographics and more.


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Benefits of data visualisation include:


  • It brings your static data to life and you’ll see a clear picture of business performance in all areas
  • The visualisations make it easier to communicate the insights, showing related links to one another and tracking connections between departments.
  • Increase the speed in which decisions are made by accessing real-time on-demand information
  • Quickly identify errors and inaccuracies

A data dashboard is a fantastic solution to help you see your business figures and gain insights quickly. Elevate Data uses Power BI, Microsoft’s powerful data analytic tool which integrates with your other systems. Using a three-step process, the first step is the data aggregation where all the data sources are collated. Step two is the implementation, which enables you to see insights and help make strategic business decisions. Step three is the provision of continuous support, ensuring you get the most out of your service.


Step 1: Bring the data together from multiple sources, so you have one single source of truth

Step 2: Showcase the insights allowing your company to make informed decisions

Step 3: Ongoing continuous support from UK-based data experts


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The benefit of Elevate means you can add popular APIs such as DocuSign, HubSpot, Google Analytics and others which are focused on different sectors and benefit different departments and teams.

Are you looking to gain better insights from your data? Get in contact today and we can help you find the best data solution for your business.

*Finances Online – How much data is created every day

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