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Six common myths about custom software development

Creating and developing a piece of custom software for your organisation is a commitment. It’s a commitment to your finances, to your team and to your organisation, but one that will pay off in the long run. And that’s the point. It’s an investment that will see your business become more efficient and streamlined, giving you the competitive advantage.

It’s expensive

Let’s cut to the chase, this is the ‘biggy’. It is expensive, BUT not if you spread the costs over 5 or 10 years. This piece of efficiency and beauty will pay for itself in the long run. If you added up the cost of all those SAAS products you pay for monthly, added to which is the cost per licence for your growing team, it all adds up. We’re not saying that one piece of software will negate all these, but it will eliminate some. Not to mention eradicating the issue of passwords, credit card updates, different suppliers, and support teams.

We won’t own the IP

Oh, but you can. If you want to own the IP at the end of the project then that’s a discussion to be had with the developers. If they won’t give it to you then you can always walk away. When we develop any new piece of software, we give the company we’re building it for the option to own it. Once the development is completed, it’s all yours.

It will take too long to develop

How long is a piece of string? If the developer employs the Agile methodology in development, then this shouldn’t be a concern. This means that the project is managed by breaking it up into several stages. There is constant collaboration with all the stakeholders and continuous improvement and iteration at every stage. This constant cyclical process of planning, executing, and evaluating is continued until the project is completed. You get to work with the software whilst it is still being developed, and get regular releases, so you can track progress, and pivot where necessary to ensure an optimal outcome.


It won’t integrate with all my other tech

It will be built by a team of experts who have the skills to integrate any system that is required. A Systems Health Check can be executed before the project commences to ensure that all your software systems are reviewed and are compatible with the new build.

It won’t be secure

The security of the software will be totally under your control. Unlike SAAS products, there’s no passing of data to a third party; the security and confidentiality of this system are under your watch…with additional support and assurance from your supplier, of course.

It won’t scale

When a project like this is scoped out, it is designed and developed to allow for business growth. So as your business grows, it grows with you, without the extra costs. Engaging with the right software vendor who can develop your roadmap for the future, will ensure your systems are future-proofed.

If you have any questions about custom software then please get in contact.

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