Written on 27th April 2022 - 2 minutes

Six reasons why you should be implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365

Six reasons why you should be implementing D365 blog cover
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the ultimate cloud-based business management system, its features and functionalities make it one of the best systems for any size organisation or business to implement. Here’s why Top security benefits of cloud migration - diagram
  1. Intuitive to use

Microsoft’s CRM system is developed in much the same way as their other products, so you’ll find that using Dynamics is intuitive because you’re already used to using other Microsoft products. Even those members of your team who wouldn’t call themselves ‘techy’ can familiarise themselves Dynamics quickly with minimal onboarding and training.
  1. Integrates with other Microsoft products

Being developed by such a massive technology provider as Microsoft has its benefits. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can connect with hundreds of data sources including those applications such as Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, Power BI, Outlook, Azure, and LinkedIn. This is beneficial to all your team to streamline processes and increase productivity.
  1. Improved efficiency

With all your team working from the same data, there’s no time wasted in trying to collate data and working from outdated information.  Therefore, as processes are streamlined, you will be more efficient as a company and productivity will be improved.
  1. Engaged Team

Another benefit of improved efficiency is that it leads to a more engaged team. investing in a new technology which is beneficial to their day-to-day roles, means that investment is being made in the team and the business, which improves morale.
  1. Engaged customers

When the team is engaged, the processes are streamlined and the data is correct and up to date, the customers also benefit. The customer can speak with informed team members who have access to individual customer records and can give them relevant and correct information, prices, or updates
  1. Scalable

Whatever stage of business growth you are at, Dynamics will fit in.  Its flexible license options means that it works just as well for a start-up as an enterprise as you only pay pay for the number of users that are required and as the company grows so will the number of users that you pay for. Available in both a Business Edition and an Enterprise Edition, the Business Edition is aimed at companies with 10-250 employees.

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