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Six reasons you need a data engineer on your team 

Six reasons you need a data engineer on your team - blog cover

A data engineer’s role is built around integrating, cleaning, safeguarding and accessing your data. They ensure that all opportunities are investigated and that you make the best use of your data. Below we give you six reasons why you should consider welcoming a data engineer to your team.

1: Gain valuable insights

A data engineer understands your data much more than you do and therefore can gain and share valuable insights. These insights will guarantee you make the most of your data and understand your business and customers’ needs.

2: It’s a specific skill

When you start editing and looking through data, you want to make sure that nothing is lost, and that this process is done correctly. Processing and cleaning data is a specific skill, so making sure you choose the right professional to ensure the job is done correctly, is essential.

3: Focus on your own tasks

Data management takes a lot of time and effort. Having someone take this pressure off you, will enable you to invest that time more productively into your business.

4: Identify new ideas and better insights

A data engineer will study the data and see the potential that can be gained from it, this will help you obtain improved insights and enable you to make more informed choices.

5: Allow someone else to do the job

By having a specialist organise and sift through the data, you won’t have to take on any of these highly skilled roles which will detract from your day job.

6: Be confident with the data you share

By employing a data engineer, everything is robustly managed and structured, and you will find that you have faith in your data, that it is trustworthy. Subsequently you will be better placed to share information, create the reports you need and have peace of mind that your data is reliable.

Six Reasons you need a data engineer on your team

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