Written on 23rd March 2020 - 2 minutes

Software Solved: Our Values


What does it mean to be part of the team at Software Solved? What motivates our people to do what they do?

We attempted to answer these questions about what we currently are and aspire to be. Firstly we held a series of values workshops where team members could provide insights and thoughts about what Software Solved values should be about.

The output from these sessions was a list of 59 potential words, which was put out to an employee vote. Votes for each word were totted up, allowing general themes to be identified to shape our final values.

So what is our purpose? We’re here to inspire people and businesses to transform through technology.

Our values are what we try to embody each and every day:


Our enthusiasm is infectious and keeps us focused on delivering quality each and every time.


We empower curious minds to harness their expertise and challenge us all to think differently.


Our culture encourages ownership and supports people to be open and genuine in everything we do.


We value people and the power, possibilities and fun of working together.

We’re lucky to be have so many talented and passionate colleagues. Why don’t you find out more about our people?

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