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SurveyorTech Connect. Live Streaming for the Insurance Industry.

SurveyorTech Connect Live Streaming Insurance Industry

Fancy joining our free pilot?

About SurveyorTech Connect

SurveyorTech Connect is a one to one record-able live video stream solution developed by Software Solved that can be used by Insurance Brokers, Underwriters, Risk Consultants and Claims professionals to remotely survey risk pre and post loss.

SurveyorTech Connect is expected to be ready to pilot by the end of June.

We are looking for a small number of insurance organisations to join the pilot and test the solution with their clients (many thanks to those of you who are already in the pilot and for your feedback so far).

In return for helping us pilot SurveyorTech Connect and providing feedback, it will be free to use for the duration of the pilot.

Pilot organisations will also be given a discount if they wish to subscribe to SurveyorTech Connect after the pilot.

I feel that a free live stream product, particularly right now given the challenges around lock down and social distancing will add significant value to the insurance market.

If you think this would add value to others in your business or your network, please like and share this post to help spread the message.

Why are we developing SurveyorTech Connect?

We were always going to develop a live stream product as part of a broader SurveyorTech digital surveying proposition but decided to bring this forward to support the insurance industry given the current pandemic.

Right now, Insurance Professionals face the challenge of not being able to visit client premises during lock down and social distancing measures.

Which means that the commercial insurance market has stalled.

Even when business returns to normal, there is of course always the chance that another pandemic could occur.

The UK government have also suggested that regions of the country could face further lock downs if the rate of infection begins to grow again; which would of course continue to impact the insurance sector.

But even after the pandemic has ended, SurveyorTech Connect will continue to add value to the Insurance Market by reducing both the cost of surveying and carbon footprint.

SurveyorTech Connect will facilitate more remote surveying which will help the insurance market increase its survey footprint, reduce the growing survey backlog and meet future demand.

What are the benefits to the Insurance Market?

Live Streaming will benefit the insurance market in a number of key areas:

Brokers: Will be able to reduce time at a client’s site and meet with multiple stakeholders at a convenient time from the comfort of their desk.
Underwriters: will be able to hold a live stream direct with the client to check specific features of a risk to help them apply the right underwriting terms
Risk Consultants: Can use live streaming to re-survey risks remotely, check on the progress of risk improvements or meet with key individuals to discuss specific processes and loss prevention controls.
Claims Professionals: Can assess property claims remotely and use the live stream as the basis of starting settlement for simple claims or decided what other action is required.
Clients: Will benefit from more risk management support, early identification of risk improvements and potentially quicker claims settlement.

How will SurveyorTech Connect Work?

SurveyorTech Connect has been designed to be simple to use and without training.

You will be able to provide your client with access to a SurveyorTech Connect App that they will use for a secure, private, live stream. All your client will need to do is point their mobile camera at what you want to see.

You will see what the client sees in the secure SurveyorTech portal which you will access with a username and password.

The process is straightforward:

  • You set up a secure, private live stream in the SurveyorTech Portal which generates a live stream sharing code that is shared with your client along with a meeting invitation.
  • At the allotted time, the client simply needs to open the App on their mobile and input their unique sharing code to join the live stream.
  • When the live stream starts it immediately begins to record. During the live stream you will be able guide the client to point their mobile camera at specific features or explain processes and loss control methods.
  • You will be able to see what the client sees and will have the ability to take still images and make notes as you progress the survey, all within the portal.
  • At the end of the live stream the recording has its own record along with all images and notes that have been taken. The finished live stream can also be shared securely with other stakeholders


How secure is SurveyorTech Connect?

Each live stream is private, and all live streams are hosted and recoded in our secure SurveyorTech portal which is hosted in Microsoft Azure.

We are also Microsoft Gold Partners and hold the ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management.

What will the pilot look like?

The pilot is expected to take place through July and will end and move to a launch phase once we have received sufficient feedback and endorsement from pilot users.

During the pilot, we expect SurveyorTech Connect to immediately add value to your business, it will be fairly close to the final product.

SurveyorTech Connect will be free to use during the pilot, all we ask for is:

  • commit to use the technology to an agreed volume during the pilot
  • to spare the time to feedback on how you found the product via short surveys or a call with our product manager

There is no commitment to buy anything, you can leave the pilot at any time without paying a penny.

Our pricing of the final product will be extremely competitive as we want to drive mass adoption of SurveyorTech Connect and If you join the pilot we will of course share our proposed pricing model with you.

At the end of the pilot, for those that wish to continue to use SurveyorTech Connect as a paid service there will be a discount as a reward for your support.

How to sign-up to the pilot

All you need to do is visit the SurveyorTech home page and click on the “Register Now” button and leave your details. I will then be in touch to confirm next steps.

If you think this would add value to others in your business or your network, please like and share this post to help spread the message.

Rob Faulkner, Insurance Practice Lead at Software Solved.

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