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Written on 30th September 2020 - 2 minutes

SurveyorTech – the benefits for Insurance Brokers

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What is SurveyorTech?

SurveyorTech is an affordable and easy to use on-premise and remote surveying tool, priced at just £50 per month per user plus VAT, with no cap on the number of surveys and live video streams you can complete.

Watch the explainer video to find out more.

What kit do I need to make SurveyorTech work?

To use the SurveyorTech app you will need access to a mobile or tablet device. The portal can also be accessed via these devices as well as laptop.

If you want to create 360° surveys you will also need a 360° camera, we recommend the Ricoh Theta V  which can be purchased directly from the Ricoh store. The app has been built to work with any 360° camera from the Ricoh range.

You don’t have to create 360° surveys as the app has also been designed to allow users to capture and annotate flat images taken using your mobile phone.

What are the benefits of SurveyorTech for Insurance Brokers?

Whether you are broking a risk open market or have a scheme or facility, SurveyorTech provides a number of benefits:

  • Develop broking submissions that stand out by supplementing with a visual survey so that underwriters and risk managers can appreciate and assess risks remotely.
  • Capture your client’s property and site risk information quickly and store securely in the SurveyorTech Portal for future reference.
  • Build up visual information on your clients risks and inventory over time, either remotely or onsite by adding to previously captured information.
  • Enhance claims defensibility with a 360° walkthrough evidencing your client’s property and inventory condition and therefore reducing the potential for disputes with insurance carriers whilst speeding up the claims process should a client suffer a loss.
  • Both on-premise and remote surveys can be shared with key stakeholders such as the client, underwriters and risk managers via a secure sharing code.  Here is an example survey of an office floor that took just a few minutes to capture with a 360° camera.
  • Stand out in the market and negotiate preferential terms and exclusivity with the market to win and retain more business
  • Reduce the need for pre-cover surveys or quotes subject to survey where questions can be answered with a visual inspection
  • For smaller or remote clients that are not economical to visit use a SurveyorTech video survey to remotely document their assets, check compliance with warranties and conditions and record operational risks remotely.

A number of broking businesses have already signed up to SurveyorTech and the feedback we have received is influencing our future development.

Why not join the SurveyorTech movement, be part of the journey and help influence the future?

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What’s coming next?

What you have seen in the video and read above is only the start.

We are working on a range of additional functionality, here is a snapshot of what we have planned:

  • Capture and hosting of short video bursts either remotely or on-premise with data automatically aligned to a structured questionnaire and report.
  • The ability to create visual risk management or fact find reports, combining the visual surveying abilities of SurveyorTech with text that can be captured on premise or remotely via our App and Portal.
  • The option to upload multi-media files such as other images, floor plans, documents and video to support your broking and risk management offering.
  • Integration of Drone 2D images captured by our Drone partner for an aerial view of the clients site and property that can be annotated and linked to like any SurveyorTech image.
  • The option to white label our App and have your own branded version on the App store.

If you’d like to find our more or arrange a demo, please get in touch.

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