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Data Visualisation Campaign
Data Visualisation Campaign 150 150 Matt Webb

‘Unlocking the power of your data’ may seem like an overused phrase but the stark reality is that we are often faced with an abundance of data, often in disparate…

Software Solved Requirements and Specifications
Requirements and Specifications Webinar
Requirements and Specifications Webinar 1000 750 Matt Webb

Join our Lead Business Analyst, Graham Douglass and Graduate Business Analyst, Max Johnson, for the ultimate rundown on how best to determine the scope for your business’ systems software, with…

Using machine learning application in predictive analysis
Machine Learning Webinar
Machine Learning Webinar 1000 666 Matt Webb

Machine learning application in the future of insurance risk management. It’s a fascinating topic, with huge implications in the future of many industries but more specifically insurance. How will risk…

Requirements and Specifications
Requirements and Specifications 150 150 Matt Webb

The right system at the right price Are you looking to undertake a brand new software development or a system re-write or enhancement? In order to deliver the right solution,…

Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing 150 150 Matt Webb

Our data warehousing solutions integrate data from multiple systems It’s not unusual for an organisation to be running multiple business systems across different departments. The accounting system, the ERP, the…

Boost the accuracy and efficiency of your operation
Boost the accuracy and efficiency of your operation 150 150 zoe.gill

Free up your valuable resources Wherever there are laborious, manual, regular tasks such as data processing or systems being run on multiple Excel spreadsheets, time is being lost and resources…