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Requirements and Specifications
Requirements and Specifications 150 150 Matt Webb

The right system at the right price

Are you looking to undertake a brand new software development or a system re-write or enhancement? In order to deliver the right solution, you need to be able to define its functional and non-functional requirements in any given environment. And by the right solution, we mean the one that meets the needs of the business and delivers optimum ROI – whether custom written or off-the-shelf.

Too often the tendency is to focus on the ‘wants’ or the ‘nice to haves’ rather than the genuine needs of the business. The result is a system that does not deliver business advantage and will often not be adopted by users as the fit is simply not right.

One of our real strengths at Software Solved is our ability to deliver the right system, on time and on budget. Right up-front we ensure the requirement and specifications are completely watertight so developers understand clearly the functionality they are expected to deliver and users are totally aware as to what system they are going to get.

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Call on our experience to ensure you get the right system for your needs

Software Solved Requirements and Specifications

Our Business Analysts, Technical Consultants and Project Managers are highly accomplished and extremely skilled in their respective areas and will work with you to plan and facilitate requirements gathering and provide you with detailed specifications and estimates as a clear output. This will enable you to proceed with confidence in your choice of development partner with clear knowledge of expected costs and timescales and an idea of budget for those ‘nice to haves’ if feasible.

Look to Software Solved to help spec out your next system development and you’re benefitting from over 20 years’ experience in designing and developing software systems of all types and the delivery of over 1000 successful projects. That’s experience worth having behind you in order to get the system you need.

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Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing 150 150 Matt Webb

Our data warehousing solutions integrate data from multiple systems

It’s not unusual for an organisation to be running multiple business systems across different departments. The accounting system, the ERP, the marketing database and the customer portals may all be operating very successfully for each department but, held on different systems, in different places, they can’t give you insight into what is happening uniformly across the entire business.

At Software Solved we design and implement data warehouses that accurately combine data from multiple systems to give you a single, precise source of the truth. We’ll install them on premises or in the cloud, whichever works best for your organisation.

This delivers high quality reporting in one source allowing you to make strategic decisions from a data source you can trust. Unlike what so many companies have where reporting is done directly from each separate system which does not provide the bigger picture view of the business and increases strain on databases – slowing down business systems. This approach also increases the proliferation of multiple inconsistent implementations of business rules across systems resulting in incorrect reports or increased maintenance costs.

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How we've implemented data warehouses in the past

Data Warehousing at Software Solved

In 20+ years of operation we have acquired vast experience and understanding of building and implementing data warehouses successfully. Examples include:

  • Migration of an on-premises data warehouse to a cloud-based data platform on Azure.
  • Cloud based data flow ETL processes and ETL mechanisms to consolidate disparate data sources.
  • Maintenance of an on-premises data marts.
  • Data warehouse implementation that brought data from a Document-style database into a format more appropriate for reporting.

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Boost the accuracy and efficiency of your operation
Boost the accuracy and efficiency of your operation 150 150 Simon Hollingworth

Free up your valuable resources

data transferWherever there are laborious, manual, regular tasks such as data processing or systems being run on multiple Excel spreadsheets, time is being lost and resources are not being utilised to maximum effect

If the idea of a vast improvement in the accuracy of your data and more rapid update of information (even in real time) appeals, then you should be talking to us about automation of all or part of your workflow and integration of your disparate data sources.

With our data experts on-hand, the process need not be daunting or difficult. And once completed, it will free up your resources to focus on more important, revenue-earning activity.

Add to that, users will have a far greater level of confidence in the information they are viewing and using and can take important decisions with far more confidence.

Over 21 years helping businesses to be more efficient

For over 21 years Software Solved has developed business information systems that automate manual data processing and integrate with multiple systems. We have an unrivalled track record in enabling our customers to gain the most value from their existing data by bringing systems together.

Understanding data is at the heart of what we do. We work with you to develop solutions that work to improve the profitability of your business.

If manual processes or disparate data systems are affecting your business efficiency then contact us for a free data consultation. Call one of our experts now on 01392 453344 or email us at

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Unlock the power of your data
Unlock the power of your data 150 150 Simon Hollingworth

The hidden gold in your business

mobile data

Most companies use, collect or store data but too often it stays trapped in disparate systems across the organisation. It’s a valuable hidden resource that many don’t tap into to gain a competitive edge.

Executives across all functions be it finance, operations, IT, marketing or sales need to be accessing valuable data to help make better informed decisions. It’s the data savvy business that gets the edge over the competition.

Software Solved will assist you in building business intelligence reports,  dashboards and visualisations and migrate from legacy BI technologies to Microsoft’s modern BI tooling.

Data Visualisation with PowerBI

PowerBI is a powerful, low cost, business intelligence tool that lets users connect to the data that matters to them wherever it is – and in real time. Power BI connects to over 800 software systems from spreadsheets through web pages to big data, wherever it is stored. That includes Oracle, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Sharepoint, Mailchimp and many more.

At Software Solved we are experts in getting the most from Power BI. We’ll access, integrate and visualise your data so you can unlock the profit that is hidden within it.

For an introduction to how Power BI could benefit your business, listen to the following segment from our recent webinar. From 8 minutes, 16 seconds our resident experts Jon Stace and Tom Rooks will give you an overview of Power BI with a live demo of the portal.

Data Analysis For All Webinar from Software Solved on Vimeo.

Software Solved has a wealth of experience in enabling businesses like yours to gain actionable insight from your data, bringing disparate and complex intelligence together in one place and allowing you to gain value.

Our holistic view of the development and support lifecycle of software systems enables deep understanding of your complex data structures, meaning we get the very best results for you.

The information is all there. Call on the data experts to help you see the potential that lies within it. For a free data consultation call one of our experts now on 01392 453344 or email us at

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Listen to our FREE webinar - Data Analysis for All

Who needs this service?

If you want to get accurate business information from the data you hold to help support your decision-making and you are:

  • CEO/MD
  • Head of Finance
  • Head of IT
  • Marketing Director
  • Operations Director
  • HR Director

or hold a similar position, then we have an inexpensive solution for you.

Why a Systems Health Check from Software Solved?
Why a Systems Health Check from Software Solved? 150 150 Simon Hollingworth

Download our free systems health check guide here. Fill in the form hit submit and check your email for confirmation.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your current software systems or data requirements give us a call on 01392 453344

If old or legacy systems are causing business disruption and costly downtime then you need to be booking a Software Solved Systems Health Check today. Our systems experts have been performing this valuable service for over 20 years.

They will take your system through our stringent analysis and scoring system to perform a complete audit of the software  and pinpoint the areas for improvement or upgrade.

We look for how viable your system still is in the following areas:

  • User Experience
  • Technology
  • Interoperability
  • Maintainability
  • Supportability
  • Scalability
  • Data & Analytics
  • Security

For more detailed information you can download our free guide by filling in the form on this page. Alternatively click the green button to receive the password and you can watch our free webinar here.

Watch our Systems Health Check webinar

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5th June 2019

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Systems Health Check webinar – Listen again
Systems Health Check webinar – Listen again 150 150 Simon Hollingworth

A unique chance to get behind the scenes of a Software Solved Systems Health Check. Our systems experts have been performing this valuable service for our clients for over 20 years.

This gives you an overview of our stringent analysis and scoring system and how we perform a complete audit of your software  and pinpoint the areas for improvement or upgrade.

Call us on 01392 453344 to discuss any aspect of your software that is causing you distress.