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Written on 21st October 2021 - 2 minutes

The 12 considerations of data migration

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Do you want to migrate your data successfully?

You might be looking to migrate data from one system to another e.g. for improving reporting accessibility or bringing two systems together and avoiding re-keying, or to migrate an entire system’s data from one platform to another.

There can be several reasons for moving data from one location to another and these kinds of projects can often be seen as simpler than a custom software development project. However, there’s still plenty of opportunities for things to take longer than expected the work to go over budget or to fail. So, planning your
migration approach will give you the best chance of success.

Our Director of Technology, Jon Stace has created a 12 point checklist for you to use, to ensure your data migration project is successful.

  1. Identify why you are doing this  This might seem like an obvious first point. Clarity on why the data is being migrated, what data is being migrated and what benefits you’re looking to gain. This will help everyone on the project to focus on goals and use the most appropriate implementation technology and techniques.
  2. Understand the existing data  We have seen this happen several times. A data migration project starts and those involved don’t have a strong understanding of the existing data. This results in timelines dragging out as new challenges are found that break existing assumptions. Before any implementation design can be done, a good understanding of the existing data is essential.If you want to find out more then please click on the image to download

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