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The benefits of an internal app for your business

The benefits of an internal app for your business

Internal apps can be used for a variety of purposes to streamline workflows, automate processes, and provide employees with quick and easy access to important information. They make it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate, especially with remote and hybrid work. Maintaining communication has never been more important. Custom-built mobile apps can enhance internal processes, amalgamating everything into one space for team members to easily access.

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Some common examples of internal mobile apps include:


Employee training and development apps


These provide employees with access to training materials, performance metrics and career development opportunities. We created an easy-to-use app for Save the Children that works on any device, anywhere in the world. The visualisations that the app provides are in real-time and allow improvements to the treatments to be implemented quickly.


Project management apps


Allowing employees to view and update project information, track tasks and deadlines and communicate with team members. We worked with a global software company working with the world’s largest fuel retailers to help implement a new area of functionality within their cross-platform mobile app. This allows users of the app to work more efficiently and organise their tasks and workload in a way that was previously not possible, using a modern UI/UX design to prioritise the app’s ease of use.


HR or Employee Assistance Program (EAP) apps


These provide employees with information on benefits, policies and procedures and allow them to manage their own tasks, such as updating personal information or requesting annual leave. We developed an innovative cross-platform app for RCPCH clinicians to access expert guidance. By developing custom software tailored to their specific needs, businesses can create a competitive advantage and drive growth.


Communications apps


These enable team members to communicate with each other through messaging, video calls, or voice calls regardless of their physical location. We’ve been working with a client to enhance the feature set of an existing mobile app which optimises the efficiency of service engineers, by integrating with services such as device NFC (Near Field Communication), QR code scanning and offline/online data synchronisation.


Time tracking and expense reporting apps


These allow employees to easily track their time worked, submit expenses and be reimbursed. This app can improve efficiency and productivity by providing employees with quick and easy access to information and tools.



Surveyortech logo - Transparent

Surveyortech: the digital surveying app


SurveyorTech was created to help speed up the process of creating digital surveys, whether this is on-premise or remotely. We created a cross-platform mobile application for Android and iOS devices with a user-friendly interface. The application was created to allow users to take on-premise images either using their device’s camera or our supported 360 camera, a Rioch Theta V. Alternatively, users can join a video stream with one of SurveyorTech’s desktop users to create a remote survey. The main aim of this application was to make the collection and reporting of visual data simple and fast, despite where it may be held.

As a result of the success of this app, we sold it in 2022 to the UK’s largest independently owned loss-adjusting company.

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If you are looking to have an internal app implemented or adjusted to better meet your business needs, get in contact today.

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