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Written on 20th June 2023 - 2 minutes

The clock is ticking; Ensuring security and stability post .NET 3.5

Since its release in 2001, .NET Framework has played a vital role in designing and deploying Windows applications and services, enabling developers to build robust applications with a vast library of ready-to-use classes, functions, and libraries. Among the various versions, .NET Framework 3.5, released in 2007, has been widely used due to its feature-rich capabilities. 

However, the clock is ticking for .NET Framework 3.5. Microsoft has announced the end of support for this version in January 2029 ( Once this date passes, no further security patches, updates, or technical support will be provided, leaving systems that depend on it exposed to potential security threats and unsupported in case of failures. 

Several organizations are still running on this soon-to-be-outdated framework, with applications that control critical operations like financial management and procurement. Often, these legacy systems form the backbone of the business, with newer technologies being introduced around the periphery. This setup merely delays the inevitable – the need for a comprehensive technology upgrade. 

At Software Solved, we recommend a strategy that looks at your existing system and helping you either increase the longevity of your existing system by upgrading required components, or working with you to look into your businesses potential future and work out how we can help you deliver your goals to your clients via a system that not only supports your present operations but also serves your future technological needs for the coming decades. 


The Proposition 


Transitioning to a newer technology is not a straightforward task. It requires an intricate understanding of your current system, its dependencies, and the potential impact of the transition. This is where our expertise at Software Solved comes in. 


Expert Analysis Service 


At Software Solved, our team of experts will thoroughly analyse your current system, identify dependencies, and chart out an optimal pathway for the transition. Our customised approach considers all critical factors like system criticality, complexity, and business risk, enabling a smooth transition that minimizes downtime and potential transition issues. 

What sets our service apart is the expert support we deliver alongside our development and change offerings, helping you take not just this step, but the one after and the one after that and helping you feel safe in the knowledge that your system is being maintained far into the future. 

With 2029 on the horizon, it is imperative to start planning your transition strategy now. Let Software Solved navigate this technological challenge for you. Our expert teams are ready to guide your transition, ensuring a secure and sustainable system for the future. 

Feel free to reach out to us with any queries regarding the transition from .NET Framework 3.5 or assistance with other legacy systems. At Software Solved, we are committed to helping your business make a seamless transition to a more secure future. 

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