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The impact of poor data quality and consistency

The impact of poor quality data and consistency

Have you ever received multiples of a letter or email from a company? Or tried to update your details and are unable to find your record or been told it doesn’t exist?

It’s highly likely that the cause of this is quite simply a reflection on the quality and consistency of the data that the company is holding on you.

If you’re on the company side of the fence, keeping data cleansed and accurate is a tireless task but one that is so important when it comes to creating a positive and personalised customer experience.,

Cleansed and accurate data whilst avoiding having to go through time consuming processes and being able to provide insights from your data is the ultimate aim.

So how does data become inaccurate?

There are many ways

How to limit inaccuracies

If you have years of data in one or more systems the thought of a ‘big clean’ can be daunting but, the value that a data cleanse and re-structure can have not only enables you to provide a more personalised experience to your customers, but it also allows you to confidently analyse and report on your data.

In other words, be worthy of your customer’s trust and don’t do them a disservice by doing a poor job with your data, trust is hard won and easily lost.

If you want your company to grow, thrive and compete, then please look further into your data and get in touch if you want to chat all things data.

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