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According to research by Bloor the bespoke software market is growing faster than the software market as a whole. Projections are for 6.79% compound annual growth through 2024 for bespoke but only 3.61% for the market.

We are living in an age of digital transformation, cloud-based technologies, increasing use of machine learning, and the impact of Covid-19 are just some of the important factors to be considered. In the last case, according to research conducted by Experian, almost two thirds of companies surveyed were accelerating data management initiatives as a response to the pandemic.

However not one size fits all when approaching software. At Software Solved, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke solutions developed with the individual customer in mind. Built through a collaboration of ideas, with business goals in mind, we help create custom software to target specific problems.

Why would I need custom software?

When looking for software, mass-market designs are designed to ‘fit all’ and so may not perform and allow functions that a business might require. Additionally, most ‘add-ons’ may not be customisable and incur additional fees. This often leaves the client feeling that they’ve been mis-sold and mis-informed by the vendor.

It is important when looking for a vendor that you are selecting a business that can provide you with off-the-shelf software that actually performs or, can provide advice if you’re looking for help with bespoke or customised software.

If you want to understand the top reasons for choosing a vendor and how to select one, then download the full Bloor report here.

Download the Bloor Research White Paper on vendor selection today.

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