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The power of implementing digital transformation in healthcare  

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Digital transformation is enabling healthcare organisations to improve business outcomes and the quality of patient care. Post COVID means ‘digital health’ needs to be a top priority for healthcare organisations enabling them to be resilient and have future-proof systems. Fundamentally, adopting a digital approach will build better relationships with customers and patients, reduce costs, create a secure database, optimise workflow and improve efficiency.  

Digital Transformation in healthcare


Technical solutions in healthcare

Digital transformation is about incorporating digital systems into an organisation to improve customer-facing services and internal processes. In healthcare, this can mean creating or developing many technical solutions, some of which we’ve listed here, making it easy to: 

  • Automate processes and administration   
  • Create and protect a secure database of patient records 
  • Improve communication with healthcare professionals, medical specialists and laboratories 
  • Integrate the appointment booking system with an app 
  • Track health metrics in real-time 
  • Develop better personalisation through an app  
  • Provide a quicker response time to communication 

As demand for care continues to increase worldwide, patients are feeling more empowered to own their own healthcare with the likes of wearable technology and sensors. Primarily due to the pandemic, patients and consumers have grown accustomed to virtual health services, so an increase in demand in these care experiences will become an inevitable expectation. 

Digital Transformation benefits for the user

Digital transformation in healthcare would benefit the user by: 

  • Allowing for an even more empowered patient  
  • Remote health care – providing much-needed medical assistance at a time and place that suits the patient 
  • Improving timeliness and accuracy of public health data collection and reporting 
  • Reduction in medical errors. 
  • Easy access to patient medical records. 

However, it takes more than just implementing a new application or system to improve patient care. Welcoming digital transformation represents new challenges, especially with legacy systems, so being well advised on the work you are undertaking is important.   

“Your ‘digital health’ should be a key focus in the planning process for healthcare organisations. Our experience of providing software solutions means we understand what is needed for you to get the most value out of your resources to improve the quality of patient and service user care.” 

 – Gareth Mapp, Chief Revenue Officer 

Success lies in discovering options to save and optimise efficiency and looking for ways to improve, innovate and simplify processes. 

Healthcare companies we’ve worked with: 

RCPCH logo

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 

We developed an innovative, cross-platform app for clinicians to use to access expert guidance. This led to RCPCH saving £40,000 in development costs – and receiving a vital, easy-to-use app in a very short timescale. The app won The South West Digital Awards App of the Year Award. 


NHS Professionals

The call centre grew from 6 to 150 seats and the software couldn’t cope, resulting in downtime costing £0.5million per week. We had the system back up and running within 30 hours, thanks to our familiarity with the software and technology. The return on their initial investment with us was achieved in just 37 minutes! 


Book a discovery call to discuss digital transformation options for your business today.   



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