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Top Tech for 2021 Part 2 – Software

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1. OneDrive 

Cloud storage is as easy to access as ever and with Microsoft’s OneDrive built into every Windows 10 machine, there is no reason not to use it. You can easily sync up all the data on your PC, tablet and phone to one platform and have your data accessible from anywhere on any device. Even the free 5GB account gives you space to back up your most precious data. Microsoft 365 packages starting from £5.99 a month offer you a minimum of 1TB of cloud storage and access to the Microsoft Office Suite with the option to cancel your subscription at any time.

2. Ditto

Ditto is another great free app to add to the collection. It is an extension to the standard windows clipboard that saves each item from the clipboard so you can access them whenever they are needed. It’s easily accessed through a hot key or the windows system tray, keeps multiple computer clipboards in sync, can display thumbnails of copied images in your clipboard list and much more. With the ability to save any type of item that can be put on the clipboard it’s a tool that’s suitable for anyone.

3. ShareX

ShareX is a free screenshot and screencast tool for Windows. This software gives you the ability to capture the full screen, just a window or region and can perform a scrolling capture. You can also choose to have the cursor displayed, set up a timer for delayed captures and record onscreen activity to be displayed as a video or GIF. Not only does it include all these features for free, but also has its own image editing tool built-in and the option to upload your content to a range of online storage and social media sites.

4. TestDisk

TestDisk is a free open-source File/Drive recovery program. It can recover deleted files, rebuild and recover boot sectors, recover deleted partitions and more. With features that are suitable for novice and experienced PC users, it is a valuable tool to have readily available on your system. Not only does it provide these features to Windows PC’s but also Mac, Linux and DOS based operating systems.

5. CCleaner

CCleaner is a tool used for removing unwanted files, clearing drive space, monitoring PC health, and cleaning up registry files. It provides an easy to use all in one PC self-service experience for everyone, regardless of their computing knowledge. It is available as a free version or a professional version for a one-off fee of £19.95. The free version includes basic features such as disk and registry clean-ups with the professional version including some more in-depth tools such as detecting internet trackers and hard drive monitoring to ensure you don’t run out of space.

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