Written on 13th January 2021 - 3 minutes

Top Tech Gadgets for 2021 Part 1 – Hardware

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1. Yubico YubiKey

YubiKey’s are small USB devices that add a secure second factor to your logins. These devices allow you to have 2 factor authentications in place for all your login processes creating far more security with each login you have. They are available in a range of different form factors and connection types to suit just about any needs, with some using NFC to connect to your phone for further integration. Each of these different devices can function as a Smart Card , can generate one-time passwords, support both OATH-TOTP and OATH-HOTP, and can be used for challenge-response authentication. They are the ultimate gadget for keeping your login details secure.

2. Muama Enence

Whether it be for Business or Personal travels the Enence is a great piece of tech. It is a hand-held translator device that allows you to hear what someone speaking in another language is saying and works both ways so they can hear you in their language. With over 40 different language options it’s suitable for a large range of users across the globe. The device itself connects to an app on your phone via Bluetooth and both devices must have an internet connection. A great quick fix for almost any language barrier.

3. Dartle Type

Dartle Type is a virtual laser keyboard and mouse. Rather than needing a physical keyboard, a virtual keyboard is displayed on a table or any flat surface. The device itself is small enough to fit in your pocket and connects to your device through Bluetooth. The rechargeable battery is fully charged within two hours and that charge will get you about 2 days of use. Compatible with Android, IOS, PC and Mac this is a great piece of tech for anyone, anywhere!

4. Tile

The Tile can be used to find almost anything. There are a range of different tile devices that can used for various items. The Mate is perfect for Keys, Backpacks and Pets, The Sticker is great for remotes and electronic devices and The Slim is designed to help you find your Wallet, Passport or Tablet. The Tile products have varying levels of battery life ranging from 1 to 3 years, so you don’t even need to worry about charging them. The app is easily downloaded on your phone and from there you can track your items wherever they may end up. Also utilizing Bluetooth to connect to your phone, you can double tap the tile to ring your phone if you have lost it nearby

5. USB/ KVM Switch

A key piece of tech for anyone working from home in 2021 is a KVM or USB switch. These allow you to easily switch your keyboard, mouse and displays from one device to another so anyone using the same peripherals on both their home and work computers can transition between the two swiftly and without the need to unplug anything. KVM switches are for use with both displays and USB peripherals whereas USB switches are used for only the latter.

Part 2 coming next week…

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