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Written on 29th April 2020 - 2 minutes

Unlock The Power Of Your Data

Data Maturity Assessment

Software Solved now made its Data Maturity Assessment available, helping businesses to unlock the value of their data

The solution spans several sectors including: Insurance, Food and Drink Manufacturing and Telcos

Data and Software specialists Software Solved is delighted to announce that it its Data Maturity Assessment is now available, with the solution spanning a variety of sectors, including: Insurance, Food and Drink Manufacturing and Telcos.

Identifying and understanding your organisations data maturity can be overwhelming. Software Solved’s Access, Analyse, Learn, Predict model (AALPs) and data visualisation software has been designed to help businesses to establish where their data is and how to move it forward to ensure the value is unlocked every step of the way.

Software Solved’s dedicated team work closely with clients to identify, plan and implement the right projects, at the right time ensuring a clear and progressive path through the data maturity process.

Many organisations don’t have the expertise or the resources to spare to even begin to unlock the value of their data. Software Solved uses data visualisation software to help organisations understand how their data collection systems are used, by who and for what purpose.

Data Maturity Assessments can be carried out over four key areas and depending on where your company sits in these areas, short, medium or long-term solutions can be recommended as well as the level of support needed to implement them.

Lindsay Lucas, Managing Director at Software Solved said: “For many businesses, the reality is that data has been collected and stored in multiple disparate systems over the years making it difficult for organisations to access it and harness its potential.

“Software Solved’s Data Maturity Assessment solution allows organisations to cope with the changing dynamics of the business world, through an in-depth understanding of the data you hold and how to utilise it effectively. We are proud to have a team consisting of some of the brightest minds in tech who have brought this leading-edge solution and data visualisation software to the market.”

With the Data Maturity Assessment available from as little as £3,000, Software Solved can help businesses to improve decision making and operational efficiencies, enabling a growth in revenue, an increased competitive edge and enhanced customer service. You can find out more about how Software Solved can help unlock value with our data solutions and data visualisation software.

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