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What are the benefits of the data mining process?

What are the benefits of the data mining process - blog cover

Data mining is the process of analysing large sets of raw data to discover patterns and correlations and turning that into actionable insights to help drive decision making. Businesses use data mining to learn more about themselves and their customers so they can develop more effective strategies for business functions, mitigate risks and identify new business opportunities.

Below we have looked at the data mining process, breaking it down into detail;

1.  Define the problem

2. Prepare the data

3. Explore the data

4. Build data mining models

5. Validate data mining models

6. Deploy data mining models

Subsequently, we looked at the benefits of improving the customer journey using data insights;

1. Resourcing and workload planning

2. Customer services

3. Provide personalised experiences

If you would like a chat about data mining and the benefits you can gain from it, please do get in touch

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