Written on 18th February 2021 - < 1 minute

What are the top three reasons for choosing your next vendor?


Choosing a vendor is tricky. Unless you know the company or someone you trust has referred you to it then how do you go about it?

Obviously choosing the right vendor for you is key; your reputation, your day to day business functionality and delivering projects that improve productivity and your bottom line.

Out of the companies surveyed, the most popular methods of sourcing vendors, often in combination were

  • research (50%),
  • online resources (40%),
  • events (20%)
  • tracking of what competitors were doing (20%).

Using personal contacts and industry analysts were also mentioned, whilst recommendations from staff or other people who have experience of a particular supplier can have a significant impact, whether positive or negative.

But once you’ve built that list of prospective vendors, what next? Digging deeper into just three specific areas is the key to finding a vendor with whom you can work and build a great relationship with. With these three reasons, you’ll be building an effective, efficient system that will help you engage your team and grow your company.

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Find out what exactly these three reasons are by downloading the “How to Select a Vendor” Whitepaper by Bloor here.

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