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What is a data optimisation audit and what benefits can it bring?

What is a data optimisation audit and what benefits can it bring - blog cover

Are you unable to access the reliable data you need? A data optimisation audit could be the answer to your data frustrations. The report enables a business to look at areas where progress can be made and identify how it can make the best use of available data.

A data management specialist will gain an understanding of your systems, reporting, users and objectives. This technical report illustrates what your data currently provides, giving examples of best practices and then showcasing how your data can be specifically improved to suit your needs.

Examples of benefits you gain:


  • Improve the quality of your data
  • Improve reporting
  • Use your data for competitive advantage
  • Scale your systems as your data holdings increase
  • Reduce data related risks
  • Visualise data
  • Make it easier to control access to data

Benefits of a Data Optimisation Audit

The Audit Report


The report is split into four sections: Access, Analyse, Learn and Predict. Similar to a SWOT analysis, it will help you to understand areas of improvement and prioritise future actions which will support growth and mitigate any risks.


Access; Find out how you access your current data, checking existing data warehouse capability and ability to integrate reporting.

Analyse; Analyse how the current capabilities include reporting needs, quality, accuracy and confidence in data.

Learn; Learning how to understand your data and add further value. This could include the addition of new data sources.

Predict; Learn how to predict outcomes from your systems and data to help to develop and progress the business further.


When assessing and analysing, you’ll discover any blockers that could be preventing you from reaching your full data potential. Common questions  are:

  • Would we benefit from data integration or data warehousing?
  • Should we be concerned about the availability of our data sources?
  • Are our reports cumbersome or inaccurate?
  • Do we provide users with the high-quality data they need to make fully informed decisions?
  • How much would employees benefit from being able to use business intelligence to visualise and analyse data?

Learning and predicting will help you gain a competitive advantage by anticipating future opportunities and risks that you should be aware of.

Examples of common questions include:

  • How could machine learning benefit the business?
  • Could the latest technologies drive growth, protect our turnover or deliver a return on investment?

Ready and waiting to find out the hidden power of your data? Don’t let your competitors take the lead. Support the growth and mitigate risk by taking this audit to understand the potential for improvement in your organisation.

See our Data Optimisation Audit PDF resource. 

Complete an audit questionnaire HERE, one of our experts will be in touch to discuss options with you. Alternatively, book a discovery call to discuss any data queries.


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