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Why a Systems Health Check should be considered 

Why a Systems Health Check should be considered

How do you feel today? If only we could ask our software this… 

How will you know when your system is about to crash, or something might be wrong with it? A systems health check will be sure to pick up on anything that you should be aware of. The key drivers behind doing a systems health check could be that it is running on a legacy system, there are concerns about business continuity, new software is being developed or there are security concerns. If your business runs on an old or legacy system, a lot of downtime and costly disruption could occur for your business if something were to go wrong with the system, especially if you are not prepared. 

So, what is a systems health check and why should someone decide to do one? A health check is carried out to look at your systems and all internal processes, similar to a car MOT, to double-check everything is running smoothly and flag up what might need replacing/repairing or actioning in the future. This process allows you to predict any areas that could be improved and in turn, you gain a better understanding of the precise measures to take. 

A systems health check is usually conducted by experts who perform analysis and conduct an audit of all the software in place.  

At Software Solved the following areas are checked and investigated during a systems health check: 

  • User experience 
  • Technology 
  • Interoperability 
  • Maintenance 
  • Supportability 
  • Scalability 
  • Data and analytics 
  • Security 

Discover three key reasons why a health check could benefit your business: 

Become proactive and informed instead of reactive  

Carrying out regular health checks, allow you to look back at historic data of how the systems are performing and gives you as much preparation as possible. Having a proactive approach will help to avoid any issues that could occur.  

Prepare a system and business that is aligned 

Usually, a system is configured and created to fit the current needs of the business. As your business has progressed and developed, the system is probably outdated and does not achieve and perform effectively. This could be frustrating for end-users or customers as it becomes harder to achieve the required outcome. 

Become more efficient and automated  

Is the software as efficient as possible and could there be improvements? This is something that can help make the business run smoothly and eliminate manual and time-consuming fault-finding practices. Could there be an opportunity for a more automated approach? Especially due to the rise in employees working from home. Implementing an automated approach will reduce costs and introduce a new quick and effective solution to advancing procedures. 

Could a systems health check be useful for your business to help save time and money?  

Find out more about systems health checks. If you are interested in speaking to one of our experts, then please get in touch.   

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