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Why businesses should use Microsoft Dynamics

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What’s the point of using Microsoft Dynamics ?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is world class leader in the customer relationship management tool environment. But what is it that makes it stand out from its competitors? and why should you, as a business owner, a manager, or an IT manager tasked with seeking out the best CRM for your company, decide to employ this CRM system as opposed to another?


Dynamics is easy to use, feature-rich and very powerful.  It has been built to sit comfortably within the Microsoft ecosystem and so it plugs seamlessly into Word, Excel, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Because it is cloud based, all users can log in wherever they might be based – a very useful feature for today’s home-working scenarios.

It’s Easy to set up

One of the attractions of Dynamics is it’s ease of set up; many businesses use Dynamics as it’s really simple to install and because of the similar interface with other Microsoft applications, the team can quickly become familiar with it and so start working with it.  We’ve spoken with many SME’s who have found that it has become the backbone of their business, as it’s the ‘go-to’ place for information on their customers.  From providing information about leads coming into the business to what promotions have been sent to a client.

It’s Feature rich

Dynamics has the really useful ability to record customer interactions, including phone calls, emails and meetings. So that any time you’re unsure about what was decided or mentioned, you don’t need to make that awkward return call, it’s all been saved in Dynamics.

We can store information about the products and services that we provide a match them two particular sales cycle allowing you to group types of customers together. we can record information about competitors to make sure we keep our business edge.

Case Management becomes simplified as the system can be used as a helpdesk or field service to record information about site visits. Using Microsoft Teams gives the ability to integrate records, allowing access to notes and to record notes whilst being live on a call. 

The forecasting tools help you to get a clearer overview about your customers. This is a really insightful tool, producing forecasts based on data stored with several metrics to get a clear picture of the business overall. This can also be drilled into to mine the information you require. 

This feature really helps you to keep in contact with current customers as well as provide lead generation for new ones. 

And the icing on the cake…

Finally, just to make the proposition more interesting, enabling your system to become even more effective and efficient, the Microsoft Power Platform can be utilised with Dynamics. The Power Platform is combined of group of Microsoft products – Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate. Because Dynamics 365 can plug into the Microsoft Power Platform, it becomes a really flexible and powerful tool; having the ability to include business intelligence, business flow processes and the very powerful Power Virtual Agents making it a powerful business tool that will help you thrive and compete. 

With a million people using the system daily and thousands of businesses worldwide using it, it’s become world class leading software for CRM.  

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