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Written on 23rd April 2021 - 2 minutes

Why Insurance Brokers should visit the SurveyorTech Stand at BIBA 2021

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If you are an Insurance Broker visiting BIBA here is a short overview on why you should consider visiting the SurveyorTech stand:

What is SurveyorTech?

SurveyorTech is an on-premises or remote surveying tool that uses a combination of a mobile device, optional 360° camera and the SurveyorTech App and portal to develop a visual record of a clients risks.

SurveyorTech has been designed to make the surveying process better, quicker, easier and more cost effective.

What does it do for brokers?

SurveyorTech helps Insurance brokers create a visual record of their clients risks that can be shared with underwriters and other stakeholders.

SurveyorTech is a very effective tool for:

  • Capturing a permanent visual record of your clients risks and inventory that can be used to evidence risk quality and assist with claims defensibility.
  • Enhancing your broking presentations with survey grade data so that underwriters and risk consultants can appraise the risk remotely.
  • Taking your schemes proposition to the next level, evidencing the quality of your risk selection, streamlining referrals, and improving the audit process.
  • Broadening your claims proposition to include pre-loss, FNOL and post loss surveys.

How does it work?

Surveys can be conducted either:

  • On-premises, using a combination of video, 360° and flat images that can be annotated, linked together and combined with a floor plan. Drone images can also be added for an aerial view.
  • Remotely using our SurveyorTech portal to host a video stream with someone at the clients’ premises using our App. Record video, capture images, take notes and link everything together to create a remote walkthrough.
  • All surveys can easily be securely shared with a unique code that enables a recipient to view the data in their browser (there is no cost to view surveys). Additional images (like a floor plan) and video can also be uploaded to an existing survey.
  • If you upgrade to SurveyorTech Pro, you will also be able to develop interactive and shareable reports such as risk fact finds, FNOL reports, risk management reports and more.

How much does SurveyorTech cost?

  •  SurveyorTech standard is just £50 a month (plus VAT) per user for unlimited surveys.
  •  SurveyorTech Pro which includes the functionality to develop your own branded reports is just £100 a month  (plus VAT) per user for unlimited surveys.

To find out more, why not visit our stand at BIBA or connect/send me a message on LinkedIn.

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