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Why Insurance Brokers should visit the SurveyorTech Stand at BIBA 2021

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If you are an Insurance Broker visiting BIBA here is a short overview on why you should consider visiting the SurveyorTech stand:

What is SurveyorTech?

SurveyorTech is an on-premises or remote surveying tool that uses a combination of a mobile device, optional 360° camera and the SurveyorTech App and portal to develop a visual record of a clients risks.

SurveyorTech has been designed to make the surveying process better, quicker, easier and more cost effective.

What does it do for brokers?

SurveyorTech helps Insurance brokers create a visual record of their clients risks that can be shared with underwriters and other stakeholders.

SurveyorTech is a very effective tool for:

How does it work?

Surveys can be conducted either:

How much does SurveyorTech cost?

To find out more, why not visit our stand at BIBA or connect/send me a message on LinkedIn.

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