Written on 4th February 2016 - 2 minutes

Why move to the cloud? Six benefits of cloud computing

As many businesses seek to replace or augment their existing software solutions they’re increasingly looking to the cloud. Because we’re a Microsoft Azure partner, we help businesses of all sizes capture the strategic opportunity that cloud presents. But what are these opportunities? And how can they improve your business?

The advantages of cloud computing

The new cloud software market: features not upgrades

Cloud makes staying up to date easier. The new cloud software market is driven by feature releases rather than annual upgrades. So once you’ve deployed your cloud solution, there’s less concern about rolling out or installing upgrades across your entire network. In fact, many cloud apps often update seamlessly without any implementation by the user.

Making the most of your business data

No matter how large or small your business, the information you hold is critical to keeping customers happy. Storing, managing and analysing data via the cloud enables you to work faster and get information exactly where it is needed more efficiently.

Making software integration easier

Most businesses know how tricky it can be getting lots of different data sources to talk. Especially when the data is stored in different formats or resides in different systems. Cloud tools such as Microsoft BizTalk allow you to achieve your software integration goals. You can create one integrated system than is simple to monitor through a user friendly portal.

Increase collaboration across departments

Cloud applications often bring value to specific business units because they don’t necessarily need implementation by IT. However in organisations where IT plays a central role in cloud strategy, the advantages and cost savings can be spread across your business leading to improved communication and transparency.

Cloud computing is perfect for elastic business models

Companies no longer want to pay for services in the same way. The cloud allows you to access services quickly and consume them as much or as little as you like. This concept of elasticity or scalability neatly meets the varied needs of different businesses today.

Mobile development is faster in the cloud

You can innovate quickly using tools such as Microsoft Azure Mobile Service. Microsoft have done a lot of work to create robust mobile backend solutions that enable faster development that is cross platform. This means that your mobile apps benefit from all the uptime, security and ubiquity that Microsoft provides as well as working on any device.

If all this sounds good, discover more about our cloud services or speak to an expert about the benefits cloud could bring to your business.

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