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Why SurveyorTech is an awesome tool for a Virtual Risk Management Survey 

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Clearly onsite visits aren’t always possiblebut given recent events, clients are much more open to meeting their suppliers remotely. 

Video Surveys are a highly effective tool that allows risk management professionals to virtually: 

I’m sure like many organisations, you are using video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google meet etc. to conduct some of these remote survey examples. 

Video conferencing tools work well for a general catch up but can create a challenge if you need to recordshare or store the survey data. 

Multiple Video and images can create large files making surveys clunky to share and will also require some consideration on hosting 

So, if you are a looking for a cost-effective solution for your virtual risk assessments, then SurveyorTech may help you. 

How a SurveyorTech Virtual Risk Management Survey Works 

As a Risk Management professional, SurveyorTech enables you to survey a property or site remotely via a video call with someone at the clients premises who is using the SurveyorTech App. 

You can communicate with the client via the portal, much like you would with any video conferencing software.   

The client will be able to see and hear you in the App and you can guide them to point their mobile devices camera at what they want to see.   

During the video meeting you can: 

Once you have completed the remote survey with the client you can: 

Once you are happy with your survey, simply press the publish button to create read-only shareable link that is stored securely in our cloud based SurveyorTech portal 

Sharing and updating a SurveyorTech Survey 

Sharing a SurveyorTech survey is easy.   

published survey link can be copied and pasted into an existing survey reportsent via email or added to the client record in your back-office system. 

As the Survey is hosted in the cloud and accessed by opening the link in a web browser, neither you or the recipient needs to worry about the handling or storing of large image and video files. 

The recipient of a survey does not need to register with SurveyorTech, nor is there a charge for viewing a survey.  

If you need to update the survey once it has been published, you can do this from within the survey saved in the SurveyorTech portal.   

Simply update the survey with any new text, upload any new images or video and then click the update button.  

The Survey link will remain unchanged but will now contain the new data for the people you have previously shared the survey with. 

Maximise your Virtual Risk Management with an onpremises survey 

Your virtual risk management offering can be even more effective if you already have a digital twin of your clients’ sitepremises and assets. 

With SurveyorTech on-premises survey you can: 

Here is an example of an on-premisespublished survey*.  

Clearly if you had an on-premises survey it would be an effective basis for a virtual risk assessment to keep this data current throughout the year or as something changes.  

How much does SurveyorTech cost? 

Pricing is just £50 plus VAT per user per month and includes: 

Custom Reports – Coming Soon 

Once this functionality is live and for a small increase in your monthly fee, you will be able to recreate any of your risk management templates in SurveyorTech. 

Within these reports you will be able to embed any videos, images or 360° walkthroughs you have captured to enrich your report.

Published reports can be shared via our secure link or downloaded into PDF or Microsoft Word. 

You will also be able to add your logo and brand colours to the report.   

Interested in finding out more? 

Please complete the form on our website to arrange a demo or discussion.  

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