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Why you should consider a custom software application

Why you should consider a custom software application blog cover


1. Tailored Homepage

1: Tailored homepage


Imagine… you arrive at work and login to your main business software application. The homepage is tailored exactly to your job needs and shows you the latest company activity without needing to click anything. You have three new tasks to action, which you do quickly and easily with the least number of key presses.

 2. Custom-built report that is easy to alter

2: A custom-built report that is easy to alter 


The system is custom built and designed specifically for your business. Your screen is uncluttered, simple to use, and has only the options you need to do your job. 

You have an idea for a new report to show data in a different way. You contact your software supplier and ask them to go ahead and develop it. The supplier tells you it will be ready next week. No waiting for months or it being put on the bottom of a product vendor’s wish list with no idea if it will ever be developed.

3. Time efficiency and visibility is improved

3: Time efficiency and visibility is improved  


With a custom system, you know that your workflows perfectly match your business processes and allow your team to complete their tasks in the shortest amount of time. No-one has to export data to spreadsheets and waste time having to manually adjust figures or the format before sending to colleagues by email. Everything is done on the system, and you have full visibility of the status of each item in the process and who it is assigned to.

 4. Happy team

4: Happy team  


As you walk through the office you notice no-one is grumbling about the software and how difficult it is to use, not like your previous job where people would often complain about the system forcing them to do things in the wrong order or that they didn’t need to do. Your previous company needed a bigger team because of their inefficient systems and unnecessary manual workarounds. 5. Integrated systems

5: Integrated systems  


A colleague in another department mentions how good the numbers are looking. Even though their department has their own system, it is integrated with yours and they have up to date visibility of your team’s performance. Your old company struggled to link systems and data together which meant it was difficult to get a clear picture of how the business was doing. 

6. Confidence in usage, even for new team members

6: Confidence in usage, even for new team members 


A new member of the team has just joined but is already happily using the system with only minimal supervision. In your previous job you had to go on expensive, week-long training courses before you could understand how to use the system.

 7. Company merger means new users without the extra license costs

7: Company merger means new users without the extra licence costs  


Your company has recently merged with another and you are looking forward to the new users using the system. There are no additional licence costs and you are confident that the system will continue to work well with the extra load as scalability was designed from the start of the bespoke software development project. 

If you would like to explore custom software for your company, allowing you to transform through technology, then please do get in touch for a chat. 

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