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Benefits to using a business analyst

Analysts for business intelligence

A key strength of ours is the ability to deliver the right system on time and to budget. Having an expert Business Analyst as part of the process will help ensure requirements and specifications are completely watertight so developers clearly understand the functionality and users are totally aware as to what system they are going to get.

Starting with a series of workshops with various stakeholders present, our business analysts will take an overview of your business requirements allowing the project to get off to the best possible start.

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Requirements gathering

During this phase we will identify relevant stakeholders and bring them together to shape the vision and inspiration that best serves the client. This exercise is invaluable in giving clarity in identifying overall vision, objectives, system interactions, and secondary users (and the teams they may be part of).

The output from these sessions will be a robust and unambiguous structure which can provide clarity on what we want to achieve. We will use pre-existing information and our experience from across a breadth of industries to challenge stakeholders to clarify their own thinking.

A shared understanding

We work closely with developers and understand what knowledge is needed and which questions need to be asked. Our in-depth understanding of your business ensures that your goals are met.

It’s important for our developers and testers to understand your needs. We support them throughout the duration of the project, enabling us to be more responsive of any changes that are made and ensuring quality throughout the project.

How do we ensure project success?

  • Provide validation of proposal requirements. Business Analysts’ ensure requirements are correctly formed, are comprehensive and unambiguous. We seek to achieve clarity which helps all stakeholders to deliver a successful project.
  • Bring structure to a project. As skilled facilitators we can work with stakeholders to define objectives and users.
  • As project liaisons, Business Analysts’ save time and cost by working as intermediaries between developers and your team. This minimises the time you need to spend answering questions during the project.

Summary of benefits

Scoping requirements

From these sessions we will create a user journey map – defined user stories from high-level processes.

Ongoing support

We produce wireframes that are visual representations to validate requirements to the client.

Project success

As a business analyst we’re here to translate your ideas into reality by helping to design and shape your project.

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