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Client portals for the insurance industry

Customer friendly client portals

Put the customer first with intuitive, user friendly portals and systems. 

We specialise in desktop and mobile optimised client portals which can allow customers to view and manage their risk data in real time – allowing them to make informed decisions on how to reduce risk cost effectively.

We have also developed software that enables the development of client questionnaires and self-assessments that can enhance the risk consulting workflow and automate the capture of survey data.

Find out more about our Innovate UK funded SurveyorTech service.

Insurance client portal software

Reports that provide: customer risk profiling, portfolio analysis, risk analysis and scoring, access to recent risk consulting visit reports, and scheduled risk consulting visits.

Location maps with regional, real time risk data.

Track progress of risk factors.

Easy-to-view and trackable loss estimation tools.

Automate the capture of survey data direct from the client, generate risk improvements automatically following data capture and integrate with the risk consulting system and workflow.

Do you need a single data view across other functions to help with your underwriting decisions? We can help by providing consulting and developing interfaces for use with different suppliers and systems.

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