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Bespoke Custom Software Solutions

When looking for a custom software development supplier, what do you look for?

A company that:

  • has the experience to take your ideas to fruition?
  • has a proven track record of delivering bespoke software?
  • is agile and lean?

We have been developing custom software for 25 years and are proud of the legacy we’ve built in the industry. We have a history of custom software development that meets all kinds of challenges, for a wide variety of sectors and different company lifecycles.

We are specialists in developing highly complex, specialist projects in highly regulated industries such as Insurance, healthcare and financial services.

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What are the benefits of custom software development ?

Perhaps you’re not sure if a custom software solution is what you need? Perhaps there’s nothing on the market that fits the bill?  

Custom software development gives your business greater flexibility than an out-of-the-box solution. It gives you total control over what is being developed and, what’s really important, the build will be incorporated with the rest of your business software so it integrate easily with your current systems and data flows. Custom software is designed to fit within your current operations and streamline your processes, rather than force you to adapt to a pre-built system which may not function exactly as you need it to.

Purchasing software as a service is expensive over time; what begins as a cost-saving option creeps up as more users are added and the years tick by. Bespoke software is an investment that will pay for itself. There aren’t any additional costs as the business grows.  

Plus, there is also the option to own the software IP once development is complete, which negates any vendor lock-in issues.

Recent custom software development work includes:

Multi-factor authentication for an asset management company

A warehouse dispatching system that enables tens of thousands of items per week to be processed

Replaced the Offline Data Capture (ODC) tool with a progressive web application for a well known insurance company

App development for a field services company

Our software development process:

As part of the process for undertaking a new custom software development project, we first look at the system that is currently being utilised, so that the technology we are building on is as efficient as possible and is future-proofed. This is where a Systems Health Check comes in. A systems health check is audit analysis, which looks at how the new technology will be utilised, how it will be integrated into the system and any new features and functionality required.  Find out more about it on our overview page or download our Systems Health Check guide.

There’s no extra cost for a Systems Health Check, as it’s done as part of the initial workshop.  Once the health check of your current software has been delivered the team will continue with the six stage process of analysis, design, implementation, peer review, system testing and demonstration or deployment that is outlined below.


Our team

Because we are a smaller, leaner company than some other software houses, we enjoy the agility that that brings. But sometimes we feel the need to have a larger development team, so we are very lucky to bring in near-shore expertise to assist us in fulfilling selected projects. The core expertise is always UK-based, but this enables us to expand our development team when required.

Our technology skills include:

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Find out more about the technology we use and our methodology.
Software Development Process at SwS

Our team includes:

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Our developers are skilled in a wide range of technologies including .NET (C# or VB), SQL Server, JavaScript, PowerBI, Azure and Xamarin.

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Testing Team

An essential part of any successful project. Our stringent test processes are ISO 9001 certified, providing quality assurance before projects are deployed.

icon project manager

Project Managers

Keep the project on track both in terms of time, cost and deliverables by continually monitoring the project and budgets.

icon business analysis

Business Analysts

Work with you to understand your business objectives and project requirements ultimately creating a specifications document for your solution.

Custom Software FAQ's

Want to find out answers to commonly asked questions about Custom Software development? Click here.

Cloud Computing

We’ve worked with a variety of different clients taking traditionally developed and hosted systems and building them to become cloud native.

We’ve got the experience and understanding

We understand the challenges and constraints involved in what can be some very unique requirements. We spend our days developing cloud based applications and migrating traditionally built systems to the cloud, working within very niche environments.

We promise an efficient, seamless process that offers so much more.

One client whom we worked with, wanted custom software that we knew would lend itself perfectly for the cloud. Post consultation, the application was developed to take advantage of the scaling potential and the elasticity. We created an app, hosted the system and integrated a video streaming service which proved to be immensely successful. 

Building a cloud native application:

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We built a cloud native application for this top 10 UK insurer. We originally built a risk assessment system for RSA as a traditionally hosted system. But we subsequently enhanced it with a new customer portal, that was secure and mobile accessible and was created specifically for the Azure hosting platform. 

This became an award winning application.

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We work with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Find out more about both of these powerful platforms and how they will work for you.

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