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Data Integration

Do you have multiple systems and spreadsheets which can’t ‘talk’ to each other? Do your colleagues waste valuable time manually inputting data and checking that data hasn’t been entered incorrectly? 

Integrating your data will allow you to automate laborious, manual data processing tasks and reduce data errors.

Data Integration Software Solved

Data integration

What is enterprise data integration?

Enterprise data integration consolidates data from various sources and compiles them into one easily accessible interface. It does not change where data is stored.

Why is data integration important?

Data integration is a vital step towards using business intelligence to achieve valuable insights from your data.

What are the benefits of data integration?

Integrating your data will allow you to:

  • Speed up the collation of disparate datasets
  • Save time through automation
  • Reduce the risk of user error
  • Streamline and schedule updates
  • Improve the accuracy of data
  • Create reports more easily
  • Encourage decision making based on fact not intuition

Your colleagues will appreciate that:

  • They can stop wasting time on repetitive and time-consuming manual data processing
  • They’ll have access to the data they need, when they want it
  • They’ll be able to rely on data when making decisions

How can Software Solved help?

Our experts can use a cloud-based system, like Azure Data Factory, to automate the movement and transformation of your data. We can also bring your data to life through business intelligence software which presents data in a way which is easy to understand and analyse. 


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