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Digital transformation for data solutions is the process of modernising and improving the management, analysis, and use of data within an organisation via new and emerging technologies. The goal of digital transformation for data solutions is to enable organisations to better harness the value of their data and make more informed, data-driven decisions. 

Because there is such an overwhelming number of data options available, we’ve split ours into just two options. Elevate Data, the non technical data solution and a customised data solution for those who want something different.


Using your data effectively, to its full potential, will help you transform your business. Software Solved can help you transform and optimise your data for better management, sharing and analysis will make yours and your customers’ lives easier.

Sharing data across departments is only the first step. Your users also need to be able to analyse data so they can identify trends and predict future behaviour.

Empowering users to analyse data for themselves will enable your:

  • Marketers to achieve a greater ROI
  • Salespeople to increase their conversion rates
  • Operations team to maximise efficiencies>
  • Finance team to cut costs
  • Customer service staff to improve customer satisfaction
  • HR team to identify resource and training requirements
  • Compliance team to reduce risks

The Non-Techy Data Solution

If you’re located in a department or team other than IT, it’s likely that you’ll be wanting a data solution that’s designed for the non-technical amongst us, this is where Elevate comes in. The data dashboard for you.

Elevate is a simply designed, easy-to-use solution, using Microsoft’s Power BI platform that comes with training and support. It will enable you to get actionable insights and results from your data, all at a competitive price.

Who is this aimed at?

  • SMEs
  • Departments of enterprise-sized companies

Use data more effectively to:

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Predict future performance and demands

Software Solved Data Icon Decisions Green Circle

Find new opportunities

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Identify cost savings

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Increase profitability

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Increase customer satisfaction

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Streamline reporting

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Gain a competitive advantage

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