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Data is the lifeblood of an organisation. All organisations gather data and robust data management has the potential to transform how a business operates.

Software Solved’s Data Maturity Assessment helps businesses to understand how to use their data to identify new insights and opportunities to keep them ahead of the competition.

We understand that for many organisations data is collected and stored in multiple disparate systems. This often results in staff performing manual data processing operations which can create a culture of uncertainty around data accuracy and make data analysis challenging.

To support clients through this we provide clients with the option to undertake a data maturity assessment.

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Data Maturity Assessments

A data maturity assessment sees our technical experts get under the hood of your data collection systems, understanding how they are used, by who and for what. Our assessment framework is thorough and uses a data maturity model to identify your organisation’s performance in key areas.

 Depending on your current level of maturity, we will recommend key projects to help you progress further and reach your full potential.

Tom Rooks explains how a data maturity assessment can help support your business transformation (YouTube)

4 key areas of a data maturity assessment

1. Access

Here we work with you to understand the accessibility of your organisation data including; quality of data sources, availability of data sources, existing data warehouse capability, ability to integrate reporting.

2. Analyse

This area is about understanding your current capabilities to analyse your organisations data including; existing reporting needs, quality and accuracy of current reporting, confidence in data and in-house skill sets.

3. Learn

Focuses on the ability to identify opportunities to learn from your data and add further value. This could be through using machine learning or data science techniques and can also include the addition of new data sources.

4. Predict

This focuses on the ability to predict outcomes from your systems and data. It is often the outcome of successful explorations in the learn phase and sees those models being implemented to live systems.

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