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Wanting to gain more insight from your business data?

Are you frustrated with knowing that there is value in your business data that you just can’t tap in to?

Often the untapped potential in business data can be the difference between not just accurate reporting but, reporting that provides insight and ultimately allows you to make informed decisions, grow your business and gain a competitive edge.

The Software Solved team are passionate about making sure you get the most from your data. Our knowledge and experience of software systems means that we can quickly get to grips with your data to identify areas of opportunity.

Software Solved Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence

Whether you find yourself dreaming of the day where you can access data from multiple disparate systems in one place, question the integrity of reports you are compiling or, wish your existing reporting could be more modern then Business Intelligence is for you.

The Software Solved data experts work with you to;

  • Understand your business and user needs in terms of data and reporting
  • Understand your existing systems, the data they hold and how this can support your business needs
  • Create a plan for improvements that will make sure you gain accurate reporting, a more engaging set of reports and valuable insight

Accessible and easy-to-understand dashboards and visualisations are created using Microsoft Power BI allowing users to connect the data that matters to them, whatever it is, in real time.

Why Power BI?

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that allows data to be visualised in one place. It has the ability to connect to over 800 systems including Excel, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, SharePoint, Mailchimp and many more.

Take a look at our info video below to discover more.

Find out more about Power BI, a data visualisation tool from Microsoft, from a recent Software Solved webinar.

Want to understand how business intelligence could empower your organisation?

The information is all there. Call on the data experts to help you see the potential that lies within it. Contact us for a free data consultation.

Data is the lifeblood of an organisation. All organisations gather data and it has the potential to transform how a business operates and to increase profitability.

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