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Data warehousing for your business

Why is data warehousing important?

Are you one of the many organisations that run multiple business systems across different departments? Is your accounting system, the ERP, the marketing database, and the customer portal all running separately?

Whilst they may be operating successfully for each department, by being used and run in isolation you’re likely suffering from inconsistent reporting and also missing out on the potential to gain valuable new insights on what’s happening across the entire business.

Data warehousing

What is data warehousing?

A data warehouse is defined as a singular place that combines data from multiple systems to give you an accurate and precise source of the truth. They can be installed on premise or in the cloud, depending on what works better for your organisation.

What are the benefits of a data warehouse?

Better informed teams can make better decisions, identify new ideas for products and services, and get them to market more quickly. A data warehouse helps you achieve this because bringing your data sources together allows for higher quality reporting, enabling you to make strategic decisions from a data source you trust.

Are you one of the many companies where reporting is done directly from each separate system? If so, you’re likely to be missing the bigger picture, whilst increasing strain on databases and slowing down business systems. 

Proven track record

We are a trusted enterprise data warehouse vendor and our solutions help customers to consolidate data by making it more accessible and therefore more actionable. We have over 20 years experience of building and implementing data warehouses covering migration of on-premise data warehouses to cloud based platforms to implementing data flow ETL processes and ETL mechanisms to consolidate disparate data sources and more.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you get more from your data whilst bringing scalable digital transformation and optimisation, to your business.

Tom Rooks is a Technical Consultant at Software Solved. In this short video  he talks through accessing data and how to overcome the challenges.

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