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‘Unlocking the power of your data’ may seem like an overused phrase but the stark reality is that we are often faced with an abundance of data, often in disparate systems. This makes uncovering its full potential a challenge.

Use PowerBI to visualise data and unleash your data potential and gain a competitive advantage.

How does data visualisation with PowerBI work?

Identify your data source

Identify your data sources

Whether it’s one or a combination of many this is an important first step. PowerBI allows you to use data from a vast range of sources such as; XML, Excel, CSV, Access, SQL, PDF, Social media and more!

add value to your data

Add value to your data

Identifying and understanding the data that can provide you with valuable insight from what you have, this is the opportunity to not just re-create what is already being seen but look for new opportunities too.

Visualise your data invert

Visualise your data

Depending on the data source will help determine how best to display it visually and PowerBI provides a wide variety to choose from including; bar and column charts, gauge charts, line charts, maps, ribbon charts, scatter charts, treemaps and tables providing a plethora of ways to show your data.

Implement and review

Implement and review

Once you have your initial dashboard in place it’s important to ensure that it evolves, this could be due to changing needs, new data sources or feedback from colleagues and associates who also have access.

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