One data source for one clear business view

Data warehousing - one data source for one clear business view

Data Warehousing

Are you responsible for making business decisions, but lack a single clear view of your data? Is it hard for you to identify trends or opportunities? Are you unsure if your data is clean and current? Do you begrudge the time it takes to produce reports or forecasts?

Amalgamating your data into a data warehouse will help you solve these business issues, reducing your risks and strengthening your business.

Data Warehousing at Software Solved

How do you access data and overcome the challenges? 

What is a data warehouse?

A data warehouse combines data held within multiple systems, such as your CRM and accounts system. This enables all your users to easily access the information they need, exactly when they need it. Users continue to enter data into their existing system as before

Why is data warehousing important?

By providing everyone in your organisation with appropriate access to data, you can improve customer service, increase productivity, improve decision making and boost efficiency. 

What are the main benefits of data warehousing?

Accessing all your data in one place enables you to:

  • View the bigger picture
  • Identify trends
  • Automate comprehensive reports
  • Visualise data
  • Share data more widely

Data warehousing can give you a competitive advantage by enabling you to:

  • Spot opportunities for new products/services
  • Bring new offers to market more quickly

Data warehousing can help you improve decision making and reduce risk by:

  • Improving the accuracy of forecasts
  • Enabling you to make business decisions based on fact rather than intuition

It can also help you manage your data by making it easier to:

  • Maintain high standards of data integrity
  • Ensure data is shared appropriately
  • Identify data that you don’t need to keep
  • Comply with data privacy legislation, such as the GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act (DPA).

How can we set up a data warehouse?

A data warehouse is an investment in the future of your business. To be successful, you need to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders and overcome some technical challenges, such as extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) data from a number of sources. Getting it right will enable you to unlock the secrets held in your data.

How can Software Solved help?

We have a proven track record of building scalable and responsive data warehouses onsite and in the cloud. From ascertaining stakeholder needs to loading data, our experts can manage the process for you.


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