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Discovery Workshop

Discovery workshop

A workshop with your key stakeholders is an efficient way to identify the scope and high level requirements for your project. It’s also a great opportunity for people in different teams and departments to come together and share ideas and check their understanding of what’s needed.


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The who, what and how

We document your requirements in simple, easy to understand user stories and visual story maps. Each requirement is also given a priority so we know what is essential for day one and what can wait for another day.

What if you have already done some analysis and have a set of user stories already documented? That’s fine, in that case we will use the workshop as a walk through to make sure we fully understand what’s needed and that there are no gaps.

We also want your solution to deliver the best possible value to your business so we will challenge requirements where the benefit is not obvious. And it goes without saying that we will make a lot of suggestions based on our vast knowledge and experience from working with diverse clients across many different industries and business sectors.

One of our expert Business Analysts will facilitate the workshop and manage the discovery process along with one of our Solutions Architects.

Information gathered:

  • A list of the key stakeholders
  • Story map
  • User stories grouped by Epic (large user story) or business area, prioritised as Must/Should/Could
  • Non-functional requirements, e.g. technologies, browser support, audit requirements

How long does it take?

Depending on the size of the project, the workshop is typically one day but can be two days for a large project. Following the workshop we will publish the deliverables for the stakeholders to review to ensure the requirements are correct and fully understood by all parties.

Please note:

Taking part in one of our Discovery Workshops does not mean that you are contracted to work with Software Solved to develop the solution (but obviously we’d like you to). The User Stories are written in a manner that any other software company can use to deliver the project.

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Either way, you’ll be speaking with either Gareth or Faisal who’ll be able to talk through your challenges and come up with solutions. 

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