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A customised app could be the answer

If you have looked at the apps that are available but can’t find one that really suits what your business or team needs, then there’s another option available; custom built app which is created using Microsoft’s Power Apps.

Power Apps enables us to custom deliver your wants and needs very quickly, creating a custom built app for a specific job that will integrate with other Microsoft products. For example, if you want a piece of software specifically for all employee onboarding, the newly developed on-boarding app will integrate with the HR system and other Office applications such as Outlook, Forms, Calendars, Contacts into a platform to make employee onboarding straightforward.

Since Power Apps is cloud-based, it offers enhanced security features like multi-factor authentication and form-level security. Any app built through Power Apps can seamlessly integrate with any other Power Platform product and work natively with Dataverse or other third party data sources.

By having an app built this way, you can:

  • Reduce the time-to-market
  • Streamline processes quickly
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Increase revenue
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