We already have a CRM system...

We want to migrate from it

So just to re-cap, why Dynamics 365?

If you already have a CRM system, then you’ll know what a great tool it is, but if you’ve realised that the one that you are using has limitations, then you’ll be on the lookout for one that suits your requirements. 

Here’s why Dynamics 365 will benefit your company. 

  • If using Office 365 or a wider suite, Dynamics provides a solution that integrates well with the broader ecosystem
  • Microsoft has invested heavily into the R&D of the system, making more solutions accessible (e.g. AI, chat bots, PowerAutomate)
  • Because is it cloud based, there are regular updates and enhancements (no fee incurred for upgrades), it is secure and reliable and hosted using Microsoft Azure platform
  • It incorporates the familiar Microsoft look and feel,  so it has been well adopted by end users

Get Dynamics 365 CRM up and running for your organisation…fast!

With our Quick-Start D365 approach, you can sign up to a number of days that allow us to get you started quickly with Dynamics 365.

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